Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cruise to Phuket/Krabi

It was 3 days & 3 nights of fun, filled with dancing, food, laughter, food, shopping, entertaining shows, food, activities and, did I mention food? B...u..r..r...ppp! Excuse me.

Checking In

As if we don't dance enough on land, just had to do it on board.

Yum yum!

Notice the plate in front of Pat! Hee ! Hee! Enjoying the breeze at the open deck.
Sunglasses galore at Phuket, 150 bahts per pair. What a deal, and Christian Dior somemore! Oops! Sorry, girls, I let the cat out of the bag.
Umbrella...ella...ella..ella in Patong Beach
Getting a close-up view of cooking salad prawns. This one, must learn, Justin's favourite dish. I'm willing to share the recipe for RM952. Hee Hee! Before you could even blink an eye, it's all gone!

Taking a break from shopping in Krabi. We also managed to pick up 2 strays.
The 'boys', 'kia su' insisted on posing for the camera also. Heading for the restaurant in Krabi. Ah.... the Penang 'kiam siaps', rather walk for 2 km in the sweltering heat, than pay 20 baht for the tuk-tuk, and complaining all the way. "So hot lah", "How much further?", "Are we there yet" . But , can still laugh, means not too bad lah, I suppose.
Finally!That's 440 bahts

I went to 'kay poh' around, visiting one cabin after another. And look what I found. Classic pjs - I haven't seen these for a long, long time. Ka kakaka. Guess whose?? Some of our friends were in hair rollers, preparing for the Gala dinner. Unfortunately, they wouldn't let me take their pictures. :)
All primmed up for Gala Dinner
After the dinner, we, the Penang line dancers together with June (Ipoh) and a few friends, were invited to give an impromptu demo of Calypso Mexico and Twist with the fat boys during the farewell party. (This picture is borrowed from Leanne & Steve)
Before we called it a night,we had our own private casino going in cabin 8018. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of it. But just to put on record, the big winner, Peggy - don't forget our drinks on the house.

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