Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gurun Gig

The shopping oops, I mean dancing queens will be at Gurun again for another round of dancing, eating, shopping, not necessary in that order.

Date: Sun, 31st October, 2010
Time : probably 10.00 a.m.
Venue: Gurun Complex
Dress Code: The Red Yuan Carnival (NTV7) T- shirt.

All welcome. A few more bus seats left, after which participants will have to find their own way there.
Registration : Call Jacey - 012 5808972 or me

Dancelist (Click to download)
List A -(subject to changes)
Skinny Genes
El Lado Oscure
Thousand Strands of Love
Sex Bomb
Rock N Love
Madu Dan Racun
Sway Me Now
Little red book
Bobbi with and I
I Ching Cha Cha (Dessert Sands Cha Cha)
Just For Grins
Man Chang Fei
Casanova Cowboy
Rhyme & Reason
Straight Through My Heart/Straight Thru'
Booty Music
Lucky Punch
Breaking Up is hard to do
Boyfriend (Maggie G)

List 2 (subject to changes, hopefully not :))
Funky Fire Dance
I Wrote You A Love Letter
Broken Heels
Hey Soul Sister
Sugar Candy
Playing with Fire
Keep Sweating
Quarter After One
Burn It Up
In Love
Walking On Fire
Peek A Boo
Drip Droppin'
Night Work
Everything I Do
One Last Dance
I Like It

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