Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back from Vacation

Yes! I'm back from my awesome (fav term picked up fr US) trip crossing the US of A in 5 days, starting in Indiana, crossing 9 states ending up in Seattle - home of Microsoft and birthplace of Starbucks. Not forgetting somewhere along midway, the adventure of being held 'hostage' by 2 herds of bisons in Yellowstone Park, as my daughter terms it.

At least I'm back in one piece. Now, lots of catching up to do - what dances to teach? I'm open to suggestions.

Here are some random pictures.

Badlands National Park
A visit to 1880 town

Bighorn National Forest

My favourite - Mt Rushmore , it's breathtaking!
Pretty town - Coeur d'Alene
Music Museum -the quitars are actually playing.

The Original Starbucks

At Microsoft campus - it's so big, it's called a campus.
And the best green tea tiramisu - yummylicious!!
Seattle Skyline

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Jhei said...

welcome home mum!! ^_^