Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Random - Earthquake

I FEEL .. THE..EARTH...MOVED...under my...bed?

Time was 5 something a.m. Some noise woke me - it went gnek, gnok, gnek, gnok! Sorry to dissappoint you, (and me) it's not what u think - no way - husband's in Paris (without me? boo..hoo..hoo). Opened my eyes wide - and realise my room was swaying ! Oh no, not another earthquake! The swaying went on for another few minutes, and I'm thinking - should I get out of the building ? In my pyjamas or shall I change first??? I looked out the window - not a single soul was out except one apartment had all it's lights on. So, no, I didn't get out, thinking positively(or stupidly) that my building should be strong enough. I switched on CNN to confirm my suspicion. And this is where it happened.

All's safe & sound. :))

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