Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Day Jam

Christmas Special

Let's dance together and have a very merry Christmas
Date: Friday, 25th December, 2009
Time: 4.00 PM - 6 +- PM
Venue: Times Square (stage front, at the back of the complex, open-air)
Dress Code: YELLOW mellow - Prize from DIGI for the Best Dressed.
Sponsor: DIGI
All are Welcome
IMPT NOTE: All interested to come, please register with me or get your leaders/instructors to register with me (either sms or email) so that you can get your LUCKY DRAW NUMBERS.
Contact: MayWah - 017 4663322, email:
p.s. Flooring - Rough!
p.s. 2. Requests will be played at the end of the dance list. Requests received so far are - B.C.O., NY Cha, All I want is you, Hollywood doll, I Gotta Feeling, Upside Down.

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