Monday, August 17, 2009

And the WINNER IS........

OOPS!!! I mean, the 1st RUNNER-UP IS..

Our team was a joint effort of DOS, Twinklesixers and Stardust. 1st Runner-up we may be, but we are all very happy with it. After all, our main purpose was to attend Cato's workshop, the competition was a by-the-by, after much cajoling from Evelyn & Margaret.

When we learned that Celeste would be entering a team, we knew that to win would be tough if not miraculous. To start off, she had a bunch of teenagers, we were a bunch of 30+ to 50+. Ha! Ha! Celeste's choreography was pretty awesome - it was a sure-win, even her 'curtain-call' bow looked dramatically choreographed. And yes, that's right, the 2 teams from Penang, swiped the top 2 positions. How about that?

Nevertheless, we trained hard for the past 3 weeks which I've never ever done before for any performance or competition. Every morning I woke up with body aches from head to toe. We had to literally break, bend, twist, mould the usually mild line dancers in order to do the highly-energised, unfamiliar, never-done-before, street-jazz type of dance steps. From the reaction and enthusiasm of the audience, I believe we gave a lovable, entertaining performance.

Thanks to all the team members, Evelyn, MayWah, Eddie, Wendy, Bee Kim, Ai Leng, Penny, Jacey, Vivien, Joanne and also Kai Beng (choreographer) for the great co-operation, never-say-die attitude, patience, putting up with all the squables, effort... the list goes on.. Thanks to Annie, Shirley & Maggie for helping out. Thanks also to all the husbands & family for bearing with us, putting up with fast food & economy rice for the past few weeks. And thank you, my dear husband for driving us down to KL and taking us around (especially after hardly having time to even talk to him for the last couple of wks). You should see the faces of people when we - 8 of us girls with stage (very 'tang') make-up, complete with dramatic false eyelashes, with the lone male, went to Jalan Alor for 'tai lok meen' after the Big Bash. I could see them 'thumb & finger to chin' wondering ... hmmmmm!!! Hee! Hee! Very funny!!

Pictures to come later, after I recover from a sprained knee ligament, twisted muscle at the waist, arthritic knees, overstretched neck muscles and a sprained thumb. That's right, thumb, you wonder?

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