Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel

And so we went to check out the newly renovated premises and the reopening of linedance nite on Friday at Tanjung Bungah beach Hotel. They have extended a sort of platform from the lobby. The 'dance floor' is wooden, but the planks are not knitted together, so when you dance you can feel the ridges. But not too bad lah! The platform is one storey above the place where we used to dance. There is a band, and as usual, their favourite songs are chilli cha cha, let's get loud. Like they think these are linedancers' favourites too. They even sang 'Khoo Kaat' and 'Making of India'. When we requested for Jai Ho, they said they've never heard of the song!! :(

There were about 20? linedancers. My oh my, was it hot!! There was not even a hint of a breeze. And not a single fan at the dancefloor. We were practically drowning in our sweat, excuse me, perspiration! See Joanne(centre, in grey top) in the picture? That's not a dark / light grey design of her T-shirt, she's just drenched. Even Elsie, who hardly perspires, was complaining about her usually 'not-one-hair' out of place, perfectly coiffured hairdo getting damp!

We'll be more prepared the next time we go. We'll be dancing in our swimsuits, and jumping in to the swimming pool in between dances! Hee! Hee! Excuse me, I've got to go hunt for my 2- piece swimsuit . And no, it's not a bikini.

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