Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jam Session

Twinkle Toes will not be organising any jams in May. So if your feet can't stay still and before you go into any withdrawal syndrome (See footnote for definition) , here's the fix for you. Details as follow:

Date:31st of May,Sunday
Venue:Central Atrium,Pan Palace Plaza.
JinLan ( 0124259853) & Zee (0124827191)

The Plaza is located at Taman Lip Sin. There is an entrance to Sunshine Lip Sin in front of the complex. Also, a free basement carpark(entrance behind the complex). If u come from the basement car park lift, press level 1.

Map of Pan Palace Plaza.

Linedance withdrawal syndrome is defined as 'a series of physical, emotional and behaviour changes experienced when a linedance jam is cut down or ceased.

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