Friday, April 10, 2009

Times Square Jam


Join us at Times Square for a linedance jam. Be the first linedancers to dance at Times Square.
You'll be dancing on 'virgin' floor.
All Welcome.

Date: Saturday, 18th April, 2009 .Time: 4 - 7.00 p.m

Venue : 1st Floor, Times Square.
Fees: As usual
We have been assured that the sound system is very good - new & high end.

Directions: Go in thru' the entrance next to Marrybrown, turn towards the right and go up the escalator that faces a bull. If you go in from the other side, then it's the 2nd lobby. Look out for the bull.

Parking: You can park along the road beside Times Square , or the carpark in Times Square (4th level) which is free at the moment.

Dancelist If this link plays hard to get, then try the one below.

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teoh said...

Twinkle 1 taught:

Anything Goes
Sting Me