Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Crystal Boots Awards 2008 - Winners

Dedicated Dance Artist - Glenn Rogers
Male Dance Personality - Robbie McGowan Hickie
Female Dance Personality - Kate Sala
Rising Star - Dee Musk
International Instructor - Roy Verdonk
International Choreographer - Jo Thompson Szymanski
UK Instructor - Robbie McGowan Hickie
UK Choreographer - Robbie McGowan Hickie
Absolute Beginner Dance - Feeling Kinda Lonely by Margaret Swift
Beginner Dance - Little Red Book by Dee Musk
Improver Dance - Galway Girls by Chris Hodgson
Intermediate Dance - Head Phones by Maggie Gallagher
Advance Dance - Turn Me Loose by Simon Ward
Dance Of The Year - Crazy Foot Mambo by Paul McAdam
Hall Of Fame - Steve Healy
Dancer's Choice - Claire Bell

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