Sunday, November 23, 2008

Penang Line Dance Carnival 2008 - Report

After learning and practising the so-called 'PISA' dances for the past few months, they were finally put to test yesterday at the Penang International Line Dance Carnival, 2008. And I believe most of the dances will be put to rest after this. Ha! Ha!

This year, to enter the Arena, you have to walk a big round, passing many stalls, selling mostly beauty-related products. There were body-enhancing undergarments, slimming aid, beauty supplements, cosmetics, beauty salons, manicures, etc. Unfortunately, my nails just got snagged, otherwise I would have gone for a RM15- professional manicure. Hmmm! Are they trying to send us, line dancers a message??

The carnival ran smoothly and on schedule. Everybody seems to be having a great time. Surprisingly, the guest-of-honour, YB Lydia Ong who officiated the opening ceremony stayed on till the performances in the late afternoon. I think I left even before her. Of course there were hiccups here & there - give the feedback to Ms Jean Yeoh - so that they can do a better job next year. Better still, volunteer for the job.

When the Beijing team realised that I am the one who choreographed TATToo (which they said they like very much), they all wanted to take pictures with me. I felt like a star - a little one lah, posing with each & everyone of them. We were like duck & chicken - I no speak Mandarin, they no speak English. Luckily Vivien was around to help out. Thanks Vivien.

It was nice to meet up with fellow line dancers again. To name a few - Yeoh (BM), Kenny (T'ping), Sue (SP), Judy Teh (Jubilants), Mr Ong(Japanese Gdn). And it was great to meet EeLin & Peter of Yipee!

Kudos to Ms Jean Yeoh for doing a fantastic job! And Congratulations to PSLDA for a successful carnival!

Here are the photos I took.

If you wish to download any of the photos, you can do so from this photo album.

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