Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dumpling Festival

extracted from The Star:
The festival pays respect to court official and poet Qu Yuan, who stood up to the corrupt Chu government in ancient China. Unfortunately the patriotic statesman was wrongfully accused of treason. Later upon hearing that the present government was defeated by the Qin Kingdom, Qu Yuan, in despair drowned himself in a river.
People who came to know of this selfless act made dumplings and threw it into the river to appease the poet’s spirit.
Since then, this special tribute has become a dumpling festival called Duan Wu Jie celebrated annually on the fifth day on the fifth moon of the Chinese lunar calendar (usually in June).

Sharing with you the Line Dance performance by CRC members during the celebration of the Festival at the Chinese Recreation Club (CRC) -

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TwinkleToes said...

Comment from Vivienne, thru' email.
"What an impressive demo, your dancers did an absolutely wonderful job. Do congratulate them for me and for Raindrops and thank them so much for all the time and effort they must have put in preparing for their performance. I love the little extras they have added in as well."