Monday, May 12, 2008

Year-end Line Dance Carnival 2008

I'm not sure what's going on? I was asked to submit dance list by May 15, and naturally you'd assume that's the closing date for everybody, after which the dance list would then be collated. Today's the 12th, and they've already compiled almost 3 disks' worth of dances???
So those dances that you'll have requested? Well I'm not sure if they'll be included. In any case, I've already submitted our requests to them.
Sorry guys! Anyway this is the DANCE LIST (updated 16 /5) sent to me.


Tan said...

Sorry 4 U lah! That's the style of Jean Yeoh and her brother Siau Yang.
They will promise you the sky but at the last moment, will stomp you into the ground. We have 'kena' many times over!!!!

Jane said...

Ya, 4 U! Looks like they are going down their own memory lane & doing their own playlist first.

Jean Yeoh said...

I sent the first two lists out to some chosen line dance instructors whom I consider friends and can help up to give some comments before I finalize them with the third disc's 22 songs reserved for late comers. I did not expect them to be published on any website yet.
Luckily I did that as I was able to do some changes because some constructive and kind reminder did come in.
Please kindly consider me as new in the field as I was oversea for at least 3 years. Kindly give me a chance to show my style.
I strongly advocate line dance as a sport to bring happiness, enjoyment and a mean to foster goodwill and friendship.