Monday, April 14, 2008

Penang International Line Dance Carnival 2008

The usual year end line dance carnival will now be organised by PSLDA. It's scheduled to be on 23 Nov 2008. . They are asking for 15 dance requests from me. So what dances do you like and think you will still like by Nov??? You can either contact them directly or you can put in the 'comments' in this blog. Please send in your dance requests by 10 May. And not the too difficult ones, pls. To start the ball rolling, how about :
1. Saddle Up Shawty 2. Don't push me(I love the song) 3. Black & Gold 4. Laid Back 5. Catch the Rain 6. Better In Time 7.Crazy Foot Mambo 8. Dance Like You're The Only One 9.

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Never let you go